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Gluten free Guide to Brno

Brno is a paradise if you’re looking for good gluten free (and vegan) food. Due to the fact that it is a student city I probably could have spent there several weeks not making to try every restaurant/café serving gluten free food.

Besides from that it is also a city worth exploring. Compared to Prague and Cesky Krumlov it is the least touristic and has a lot to offer (arts, museums, sights, even beautiful forests very close by). Since it is a student city it also is a very young city - you’ll see people enjoying life almost everywhere. And even better: There are nice little coffee shops (and vinohekas - it is two in one) on every corner, so the real challenge will be to decide where to go (first).

I also recommend doing the free walking tour starting at 11am (daily) at the freedom square. Martin, the guide, is super friendly and really does his job very well. Like always I recommend doing it in the beginning since he provides you with insider tips what you can do and where to go in Brno (here’s the link

But for now, let me show you the places, I explored:


Vegalité probably is a hidden gem. Almost every dish is vegan and they offer lots of gluten free options (labeled on their menu) as well.

Lunch, dinner, for dessert or even a locally produced beer (on tap!!) - you should check it out.

It is in the cellar, so also the perfect place to escape from the heat and have some good food.


Right next to Vegalité you will see Oaza. Honestly, this is not a place to go to if you wanna have a beautiful served dish. But all the dishes are labeled (look for the ones that do not have a L label, because Lebku means in gluten and the dishes with that label obviously contain gluten). Also they do not speak English, so better go there with a local or a dictionary if you wanna know what you’ll be ordering.

Cukrarstvi Martinak

Around the corner (from Oaza) you can find this amazing confectionery. Believe me, only for the smell when you’re entering it, it is worth going there. The pastries are labeled with numbers, 1 is gluten. If you wanna be a hundred percent sure you can also ask for a list and look for the ones having a sticker on it saying Bez Lepku.

MyRaw Food

People who know me also know that I have a big weakness for cakes. Especially when they are also vegan and sugar free. I mean, seriously, what can you possibly say then against it? It’s healthy cake!

Well it will probably not surprise you then that this is my favorite place to go to.

Skog Urban Hub

Right in the center you can find this trendy internet café. I loved the atmosphere and industrial furnishing. Apart from drinks they also have some gluten free and vegan options depending on their daily menu. They provide a Allergen list as well - only in Czech language but the staff is very friendly and will translate it for you. It is also a good place to work from or if you have to charge your digital devices since there are several jacks.

Specialni Pekarstvi

A gluten free paradise. Everything you can get in this shop is gluten free. Pastries, bread, ice cream, pizza, Hot Dogs, cakes - probably it would be easier to list what you can not get there. I tried a baguette and a sweet scone (believing it was a pretzel stick).

The waitress doesn’t speak English but since everything is gluten free just pick what your eyes admire.


Kafec is one of the favorite places of the locals to go to for breakfast. And there is a reason for that. In the lovely, calm little inner courtyard you can chose between several waffles for breakfast - both sweet and savory.

For a little extra money you can get the gluten free option. Just to let you know, they prepare everything in one kitchen so the food might be contaminated.


A little bio shop with a little restaurant for takeaway. Salads, desserts, bars, drinks - almost everything your heart desires right in the city center.


Rebio is a chain offering bio certificated food you can find in several places in the Czech Republic. Their buffet system works as follows: you can put as much on your plate as you want but the price will depend on the weight of your plate - so it might become very expensive depending on your hunger. They also offer gluten free cakes and energy balls and packed products (like bars), obviously not depending on the weight. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures.

Tesco and Albert (super markets)

When everything else is closed or you are looking for cheaper options I recommend going to Tesco or Albert. They don’t have too many options but regarding the size of the supermarket it is surprising that they have a separate shelf. Also you can get these super delicious bars here:

I got addicted! They’re really good.

There are probably even more places offering gluten free food. Here you can see a map with all the places:

Heart = my favorites

Star = places I have been to and can assure they’re offering gluten free food

Green flag = vegan or vegetarian restaurants (most of them recommended by Martin, our tour guide) probably serving gluten free food as well

Just like I told you, in regard to the fact that Brno is a student city trends get adopted very quickly. Brno is the city with the most vegan restaurants in whole Czech Republic. And as you probably know, most of the vegan restaurants have a sensibility for special dietary needs as well.

So just go there and be surprised by what the underrated Brno has to offer!

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